McShaggy LL Ranch

picture of Momento

MGF Machi's Momento (ET)

Argentine Don Zunca X Argentine Machi

picture of Chichina 01 picture of Chichina 02

GNLC Chichina

Argentine Kobra X GNLC Halo

Picture of Domino

GNLC Domino

Argentine Kobra X GNLC Charada

picture of Flourish 01


Argentine Kobra X Rebano Escondido 706

Picture of Mary 1

Toconao's Mary Magdalene

Toconao De Temuco X Magdalena De Temuco

Placeholder for llama pic

Kobra's Veronica

Argentine Kobra X Vizcacha De Temuco

picture of Amberly

McShaggy's Amberly

MGF Padrino X Panna Lisa SLT

Picture of Patricia Picture of Patricia 01 Picture of Patricia 02

McShaggy's Patricia

Kobra's Zykor X McShaggy's Blanc Chiffon

Placeholder for llama pic

Bolivian Andromeda

Bolivian Grey Boy X Bohrt's Andrea J

picture of Chiffon 01

McShaggy's Blanc Chiffon

JLL Macintosh X Noir Satinette LCH

Placeholder for llama pic


Hayhook's Hellroaring X Springhill's Daisy

Placeholder for llama pic

Panna Lisa SLT

Simpatico SLT X Peruvian Motif '93

Placeholder for llama pic

Noir Satinette LCH

Sympatico SLT X RHR's Cha Ching

picture of Maybelline 01

Maybelline Eyes

Ace Picante X Rachael Perry

Placeholder for llama pic

Vizcacha De Temuco

Rebano Escondido Trabajo X Temuco Project 875

Placeholder for llama pic


Simpatico SLT X Mocha Ice

Placeholder for llama pic

VL Rapunzel

Simpatico SLT X Pierre's Sumi

picture of Mariposa 01

FW Bolivian Mariposa

Bolivian Innovation X FW Butterfly